Our business

Web marketing consulting

Our value is to turn a non-value-generating website into value and make customers successful.

We are most confident in esoteric areas that are full of technical terms and difficult to understand for people outside the industry.

The world of web marketing that tends to focus only on tactics such as “advertising only” and “SEO only”. However, we are a rare company that develops every effort to achieve results under thorough field learning.

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Joint business development and operations

We are responsible for overall business planning, scheme construction, customer acquisition, and web management.

Combine the strengths and business assets of joint business partners with our strengths and networks. We are constructing profit sharing business.

Business development

Business that is not an extension of the past. We are launching and growing with our core web marketing capabilities.

A place where human resources who do not fit within the existing business can play an active role.

“M” centered

Marketing strategy

Analysis, specification of requirements,
design, evaluation

Member's Character

Utilizing the characteristics
and characteristics of core members